Baseus Lingering Garden Tap-Control Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Cupholder Version

  • The product looks elegant and blends well with the interior of any car.
  • The safety of inhaling the fragrance is proven by the corresponding certificate.
  • The practical Baseus Lingering Garden fragrance diffuser was created from high-quality materials and features a metallic design.
  • Made of zinc alloy, the material has been given a matte finish, making the product resistant to heat and marks of use.
  • The transparent container allows you to easily check how much oil is left in the diffuser.
  • The high-frequency atomizer and great quality absorbing pads ensure fast and precise spreading of the fragrance.
  • The modern design of the Baseus product allows you to adjust the diffusion volume – you decide the intensity of the fragrance.
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Baseus Lingering Garden Tap-Control Car Aromatherapy Diffuser Cupholder Version

With each subsequent use, press the button once or twice to make the scent subtle. This is a great choice when there is a newborn baby or pet in the car. If you struggle with unpleasant odor in the car or carry many passengers and prefer an intense scent – press the button four or five times.

Carefully selected fragrance notes made it possible to create a classic and universal scent, which is cologne. The head note consists of citrus, fern, floral and ocean scents. The heart note was created from the scents of lavender, fragrant vetiver, spice and grass. The base note, on the other hand, is made up of woody aromas. The volume of the essential oil is 60 ml, which allows you to enjoy the delightful aroma even throughout the year! The materials used to create the oil were imported from France and were certified by MSDS & IFRA. The fragrance poses no risk to pregnant people or newborns.

Simplicity and elegance are the characteristic features of the Baseus brand fragrance diffuser. The product fits perfectly in the interior of the car and can be conveniently located in the place designated for the cup. The diffuser is not distracting while driving, and its operation is simple and you can comfortably spray the fragrance with one hand. The product will also work well in the living room, bedroom or toilet. Place the diffuser anywhere and enjoy the pleasant fragrance!

Increase your comfort while traveling and take care of the pleasant fragrance in your car. The design of the Baseus Lingering Garden fragrance diffuser allows you to conveniently place the item in the cup space.

The included 60 ml essential oil with a classic cologne scent allows you to enjoy the delightful fragrance all year round. Operation of the diffuser is extremely simple and you can comfortably spray the fragrance while driving.

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