Baseus Super Energy Max Car Jump Starter

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Pay in 3 Installments of Rs.9,996.67 with
  • Intelligent Digital Display
  • Dual USB Output
  • Emergency Lighting and Charging
  • 6 Months Warranty

In Stock

Charge Once For 60 Times of Jumpstart
The 20000 mAh high-capacity battery with four strings of cells can continuously start a 3.0L Royal Saloon more than 50 times.

Support 12V/8L Gasoline Vehicles and 12V/4.0L Diesel Vehicles
4 strings of high discharge rate cells offer powerful performance for all car models and displacement.

Resistant to Low Temperature
The built-in high-rate safety polymer battery cell is resistant to low temperature. It works even in subzero temperature.

Low Power Consumption and Long Battery Life
This jump starter keeps more than 85% battery after in standby mode for a year due to 0.05mAh of power consumption and long battery life.

Intelligent Digital Display
The intelligent digital display accurately indicates the battery status in case out of power suddenly.

Dual USB Output
The two USB ports are compatible with tablets, laptops, phones and support simultaneous charging of two devices.

Emergency Lighting and Charging
This multi-use jump starter can serve as an emergency light and a fast charger for phones, computers and other devices.

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