Baseus Visual Enjoyment Series 4K HDMI Conversion Cable

  • From Small Screen to Bigger One
  • 4K HD Output
  • Smooth All the Way
  • Shaped as a Whole
  • Gold Plating Interface
  • 6 Months Warranty
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Baseus Visual Enjoyment Series 4K HD to 4K HD Conversion Cable 5M

The cable is used to transmit video and audio signal without any loss of quality. By using only one cable to transmit audio and video at a time, the number of cables connecting two different multimedia devices is reduced. With its help you can create cinematic effects in your own home.

The cable allows you to take a screenshot from your laptop or other device and transfer the image to a larger screen. It provides the highest quality picture and sound. It is perfect not only at home but also at work, at a conference or school.

With the high-quality cable, you don’t have to worry about fast and wear and the need for replacement. It is made of materials resistant to minor mechanical damage. The cable also has reinforced endings, which protect against breakage in a vulnerable area.

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