Baseus Wireless Tri-Mode Keyboard Baseus K01B

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Pay in 3 Installments of Rs.4,330.00 with
  • Tri-mode connectivity for seamless switching between up to three devices
  • Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 and 2.4G wireless technology for stable and reliable connection
  • Dedicated numeric keypad for enhanced productivity
  • Ergonomic design with 6.4° tilt for comfortable typing
  • Silent keys for distraction-free work
  • 6 Months Warranty

Wireless Tri-Mode Keyboard Baseus K01B

Enjoy comfortable work in front of your computer with the Baseus K01B. The wireless keyboard connects to 3 devices simultaneously and provides quiet, smooth operation. It offers unparalleled comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, and the 12 function keys will allow you to quickly adjust the volume, screen brightness, etc. It is also equipped with a numeric keypad, for added convenience. What’s more, it is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and goes into standby mode after 30 minutes to save power.

Convenient wireless connection

Pair the keyboard with 3 devices simultaneously and conveniently switch between them. The Baseus K01B connects to compatible devices via Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 and in the 2.4G band, providing a stable signal up to 20m. The keyboard supports Windows, iOS, Linux, Harmony OS and Android operating systems, so it will work great with devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or computers. You can conveniently switch between systems with a combination of buttons.

Refined in every detail

The Baseus keyboard is distinguished by its carefully considered design. Silicone pads provide stability and prevent the keyboard from moving. What’s more, the key markings are resistant to wear and don’t rub off too quickly, and the lightweight and compact design doesn’t take up much space. The keyboard will be perfect for a smaller desk, and transporting it will not be a problem.

Comfortable work in front of the computer

Do you work in front of a computer and need the right equipment? Baseus K01B will certainly appeal to you. The keyboard is distinguished by its ergonomic 6.4° curved design, so that prolonged use does not cause discomfort and pain in the wrists. What’s more, it doesn’t generate much noise, so you don’t have to worry about annoying hum, and the low latency ensures smooth operation. In turn, the keys are distinguished by a durability of 10 million clicks and easily yield to your fingers.

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