Baseus CoolRide Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella Lite (Black)

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Pay in 3 Installments of Rs.2,663.33 with
  • Double layer silver tape insulation material, effectively blocking light and reducing the entry of heat into the car.
  • With sunscreen coating, it strongly reflects sunlight
  • No installation required, single person can use, quick opening and closing storage
  • Foldable storage to handle gap or passenger drawer
  • Suitable for various vehicle models
  • Dimensions: S size 131x69cm, L size 141x76cm
  • Weight: S size about 390g, L size about 430g
  • 6 Months Warranty

                   e CRKX000001 small (black)

The Baseus CoolRide car sunshade is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid the problem of their car overheating when it is left in the sun for too long. The product provides ultra-low solar transmittance, and thanks to its titanium layer, it also guarantees thermal insulation. Now you can enjoy a pleasant trip, regardless of the weather!

Baseus CoolRide effectively blocks UV rays, providing protection for the interior of your vehicle. Thanks to the use of titanium dioxide, the umbrella effectively reflects the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, the special coating allows you to reduce the temperature inside the car by 30°C, effectively reducing heat conduction and providing pleasantly cool conditions. Enjoy a comfortable trip without worrying about high temperatures in the car.

Using Baseus CoolRide is extremely easy – the product unfolds like a regular umbrella. So you can easily and quickly protect the interior of your car from excessive heat. Thanks to its clever design, the umbrella effectively protects the surface of the car. The handle of the accessory is adjustable in 360°, and the soft material makes it easy to bend, allowing you to customize it.

The umbrella has a special cutout for the rearview mirror, and the material used to manufacture the product is eco-friendly, non-toxic and odor-free. Created from PET plastic, the umbrella is resistant to prolonged exposure to sunlight. In addition, it is EU RoHs certified, confirming its compliance with environmental standards. There is a lanyard on the handle of the umbrella for easy and convenient carrying.

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