Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain

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Pay in 3 Installments of Rs.5,830.00 with
  • Circulating water is the natural choice for pets.
  • Oxygen-circulating water circuit
  • Fourfold Deep Filtering Water that pets love to drink
  • Remote Control

In Stock

Mute system
Quieter water flow for better sleep
The height of fountain has been repeatedly tested to avoid splashing sound while attracting the pet. Diversion of water is designed for slow and quiet flowing, while overhead pump can reduce resonance. The operating noise is controlled within 30Db*. Three-stage muting brings a quiet environment.
Fourfold Deep Filtering
Water that pets love to drink
With the four-stage efficient deep filtering, the fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones are effictively intercepted and filtered, ensuring healthy and tasty water that pets love to drink.
Remote control of Mi Home App
Timely maintenance reminders
Paired with the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, it can push reminders to your phone when it is necessary to add water, clean the fountain and replace the filter. Tap the function button or use App to switch between different modes for daily use.
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